A friend in need…

For the past few months I have been enjoying the pleasure of reconnecting with a dear friend, whom I had drifted apart from, over the years. Interestingly enough, our paths crossed again, at a time when our emotional struggles were mirroring each other, so we were given the opportunity to be there for one another, as a pillar of hope, support and unconditional love.
Going through heartbreak is no easy job, it leaves you in a profound state of self-doubt, with a worn-out self-esteem, a broken life compass and a lost sense of purposefulness. Having a friend to hold your hand and reassure you through the intense process of self-discovery and self-creation is a God-sent gift, which I couldn’t be more grateful for.
Having managed to successfully claim ourselves back, to retake ownership of our stories, me and my friend are now experiencing the thrills of rediscovering romantic love, continuing to share life-shaking insights, each time we are afraid, each time we doubt ourselves and our worthiness of being showered with love by the wonderful men in our lives.

Leaving the past in the past, healing wounds, focusing on the present, on our wellness and emotional integrity and dignity has been a journey we’ve taken together, and I am honoured that my friend has chosen me as her travel companion.
And then, something which nothing short of magical happened today. My friend’s satisfaction and contentment in her relationship somehow sneaked their way into my brainwaves, for I had a dream which vividly allowed me to feel the happiness, the playfulness, the friskiness, the beauty of love she is currently experiencing.
I woke up from my dream with a boost of energy, of immense happiness of knowing she is happy and loved the way she deserves. And I wanted nothing more than to encourage her to live this experience fully, to allow it to permeate her every cell, her every wound, each and every darkened or scarred nook of her heart, and rejuvenate her with young love.
You may wonder why I’m sharing this with you. Well, my fellow friend, it is simply because happiness and love must be shared. We should all walk each-other in the direction of these life-giving and life-changing emotions, we should all nurture joy and compassion into one another’s hearts, and spread the magic of unconditional love all around.
So, get yourself out there and find a love that keeps your soul forever young!


3 thoughts on “A friend in need…

    1. Thank you so much, I’ve been on a bit of a writer’s block lately, but you’re motivating me to push through. Blessings!


      1. i understand. been there. i hope you write soon. the warmth in your words feels rather nice. 🙂


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