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Who is the Love Labourer?

A 32-year old Romanian expat in Belgium, I started this blog in 2019, under the name CurvyBuddha, in an attempt to make some sense of my experiences as a woman living abroad and struggling to love accept her flaws and imperfections.

While my journey of self-love may be far from over, I have come to the understanding that my many gifts and talents undeniably exceed any and all temporary shortcomings, which is why I have the spiritual obligation of sharing those with the world.

I have been blogging on and off for 15 years, my writing having always been peppered with humour and self-ridicule, as well as keen observations and interpretations of my various and hilarious experiences. Light-hearted, sometimes cynical, but always uncomfortably straightforward, disturbingly blunt but invariably truthful and fair, I always enjoyed understanding myself through writing.

I’ve always found it really easy to accept and passionately speak about the existence of a Higher Power, according to my mother, for as far as I’ve been around. Which is unsurprising, since she was pregnant with me when she had her first metaphysical encounter with the Divine. When I first moved to Belgium, 10 years ago, for my studies, is also when, during a turbulent crisis of religious and spiritual identity, I decided that the only God I could surrender to and serve was the unending energy of unconditional love.

My spiritual journey started soon after, with initiations to Tibetan healing, meditation, regressions and massage techniques, which fundamentally contributed to my transformation, to the cleansing of the mental and social debris hindering my inner light from shining its full potential. Gifted with a name that translates to “Glorious ruler”, I slowly had to grow into and gracefully fill in the shoes of an inspirational and motivational leader and healer, instance of myself that I am now learning to manifest into existence.

Training myself to be of service, through a variety of instruments and tools, I have received the gift of Tarot in 2019, which I embraced with great familiarity, devotion and passion. I use Tarot to unveil energetic truths and gently guide and coach my clients towards clarity, towards understanding and betterment of their personal and spiritual journeys.

Over the past two years, I have been employing a variety of methods and rituals in my daily practices, including yoga, Pranic healing, meditation (mindful breathing, white light, abundance, inner child, feminine energy, dance, chakra, affirmations, dedicating merit), Angel work and intuitive coaching, to support myself and others navigate through confusing and challenging experiences.

Understanding that progress is not linear, I am currently self-training in counselling and coaching techniques, in order to provide a holisitic approach to healing and to employ a diverse range of instruments for the ultimate goal and mission of contributing to the well-being, health, harmony, love and abundance of all Sentient Beings.

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