The Revolution of Self-love

Today, I don’t want to write. I don’t want to speak. I don’t want to work hard. Today, I want to do something else. I want to rebel, I want to disobey, I want to be silly, I want to be naughty. I want to play, I want to have a cheat day. A physical, mental and emotional cheat day.

I want to simply enjoy. Not forcing myself to create anything, to act in any way other than what feels natural, than what feels like being in the flow. Today, I want to follow my own rhythm, my own heart, my own song. Today, I want to feel, I want to live.

Today, I am not going to write. I am not going to speak. I am not going to work hard. I am not going to push myself to say or be anything that does not resonate with this peaceful, domestic, joyous energy. Today is not a day for struggle nor hustle. Today is a day for celebration. A day to relax, a day to take it easy, a day to laugh, to rest, to just be. Today, I don’t have to impress anyone, I don’t have to be diplomatic or nice, I don’t have to share my time with any other than the people who bring joy and richness to my spirit.

Today, there is nothing else but the present moment. Today, the only thing that exists is pure existence. Today, everything comes easy to me. Today, I manifest with grace and infinite power. Today, whatever I desire materialises. Today, I am fearless and unapologetic. Today, I feel, I live.

I don’t have the time to reflect upon anything that is not already there, I don’t have the desire to squeeze any fake idea, word or action out of my body, mind or spirit. I don’t have the patience to pretend, to bend over backwards to be “proper”, to be anything that anyone else might expect me to be.

Today, I take it easy. Today, I am here and now and I am enough. I am exactly what I am supposed to be, I think, say and do what is aligned with my truth. And the truth is, today is my day. Today, I owe nothing to nobody. Today, I am open to receiving without having to give in return. Today, my time, my energy, my intention, my soul, my body, my mind and my spirit belong to myself and myself alone.

Today, I am Present. A present to myself. A present of Love.

Revolutionary Love,


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