The laughing stock of the Universe

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was pointing out that my manifesting powers are spot on, which is why, as per popular wisdom, I should be very careful what I wish for, because I just might get it. Turns out the Universe seems to enjoy poking fun at me by delivering my most literal demands, particularly when it comes to men… Like that one time I asked for a “divine partner” and then met a Catholic priest on Tinder, or when I asked for a “tall black man who dances kizomba”, and sure enough, I had an encounter with a 2-meter tall dance instructor.

I quickly understood that I am some sort of Universal Jester, the embodiment of Tarot’s Fool, walking through life naively and blissfully ignorant to all dangers, ready to take things as they come and play the cards I am dealt. I therefore concluded that my contribution to the Universe’s good functioning is fundamental, since the revolution of the planets around the Sun is quite likely just the different Gods rolling on the celestial floor, laughing at me.

It has become equally obvious that the Universe does not however only use me for its amusement, but equally supports me in my journey and gives me a gentle push or nudge every now and then, when I tend to lose sight of my priorities and projects. Such a massive push has been my very pushy and wonderful friend and coach Gianluca, who made me promise that I would write an article for the blog every week on Saturday. And what better timing to start this project than next week, on Saturday, January 1st 2022, with a yearlong commitment to write in order to uncover my authentic self, as proposed by DailyOM in a wonderful course.

Since way too many ideas and projects have been pouring into my mind over the past while, I equally made a vow to start learning Portuguese and become an independent user by July next year, when I intend to test my knowledge with a trip to Lisbon and Porto. And potentially, with an attendance to Afro Nation.

I therefore decided to invest my Christmas afternoon in Duolingo, practicing basic phrases such as “The dog eats the newspaper”, which I am pretty sure I would never have to make use of. And after about an hour of intense learning, the Universe took matter into her own hands and, using Duolingo as divine messenger, asked me to translate the phrase “She promised to write every week” into Portuguese.

So here I am, mumbling about everything and nothing, explaining to you the process of creation I generally go through in my writing, the lengthy observation of situations and experiences, the careful analysis of patterns and circumstances that happen to draw my attention at a certain moment.

I also want to use this opportunity to present to you Love Labourer. Because, since its beginning, this blog, has been a labour of love and more specifically, of self-love. A project of personal growth, of self-discovery and of integration of experiences. Last week, I was explaining the reasons why the identity of CurvyBuddha had run its course. What I was sure about at the time was what she had transformed into… until yesterday. When again, this same sweet, beloved, mesmerising Universe with its light spirited humour sent me a message from the past, this time around through Facebook memories.

A photo of myself – slim, modest, simple, grounded, natural, peaceful, loving, holding a ball of brioche dough between my hands, preparing to celebrate Christmas by doing what I do best: bake some love – was the answer to my nearly 3 months of restless search for a new name and brand identity for my blog. All that, summarised in those two words: Love Labourer – the perfect definition of who I perceive myself to be: a passionate, dedicated worker, serving the mission that the Universe has so generously assigned me, that of understanding, learning, practicing and preaching the message of love, to my best ability, to my highest purpose and my noblest essence.

I look forward to continue sharing my journey and my path with you, to have you around, Dear Soul, as an ever gentler, ever more devoted and supportive travel companion and fellow friend, because, if I am truly honest, I yearn for your presence, for your companionship, for your advice, for your loving hugs and comforting words.

Because I have finally learned how painful it is to constantly hide and deny your vulnerability, to constantly brush off your fears and tears as unimportant or illegitimate, to constantly lose the race against the fabricated idea of perfection you’ve made for yourself and you worship, like a false god. I finally understood that the only time I am truly perfect is in the perpetual NOW of my entire existence, in the beautiful succession of moments, breaths, thoughts and experiences that the Universe has custom-made, for me to learn from and for Her to laugh about. And nothing makes me happier than to laugh along, to live along, to love along, into infinity.

Infinite love,


2 thoughts on “The laughing stock of the Universe

  1. Many times you told me that my constant admiration in front of your majesty, since you are born, somehow seemed unbelievable to you, for which, instead of trusting me, your mother, you prefered simply to doubt yourself, struggling to be perfect, so you to fit in your idea of perfection, or even worse, competing against others idea of your perfection.
    And truly, the language can create troubles, while all i was always saying is your today conclusion: your natural manifestation, indulging errors and imperfections that are only part of the sublim picture of authenticity is perfect, as everything else around you.
    So, i hope you will simply enjoy your jurney or better said you will continue your labour of love, simply observing and learning, and hopefully never judging. And this is should be the first commandment of self love.


    1. There are many layers to the (unconscious) choices and struggle we have, that we must learn to see fir what they are and peel off, one by one, like an onion… And, just like an onion, the process sometimes makes us shed a tear or two, before we are ready to move to the next step of the recipe of the being that we become. Thank you mum, for giving me all the right ingredients, so that I may cook a Vladiana that can feed many souls, starting with my own.

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