United we stand

Fellow friends,

For the past 3 months, I have been struggling to find my voice. I have always been a big picture thinker and the stories and insights I regularly share are the result of lengthy reflection, turning all of the events, coincidences, synchronicities and lessons inside out, in-depth analysis, tying all loose ends into a cohesive narrative and successfully finalizing life puzzles that help me better understand a specific period or life theme.

Nevertheless, if I am to learn anything from the recent global events, it is that in times of crisis, the big picture is not about telling a story, but rather about survival of the body and of the spirit. About taking conscious action, being mindful and purposeful, as well as understanding that we are all part of a community, of society, of a greater system, which needs us to fulfil our role and mission in order to ensure the harmonious cohabitation of all the elements.

With all the extra me-time since the beginning of lockdown came the great realisation that we alone are responsible for the way we choose to invest our time and energy. That indeed, as per Native American wisdom, within us are two wolves, one of ego, selfishness, fear and despair and one of love, kindness, trust and hope, and it takes the same amount of effort and energy to “feed” either of them.

I figured my good, tame wolf would be of more service to myself and to humanity, so I started feeding him gratitude, appreciation for the wonderful resources I benefit of, care for my environment and my plants, less time spent on my phone and mobile devices in the evening, as well as spiritual rituals, including Tibetan yoga, meditations and Tarot. I noticed that my body soon began to reject stimulatory and inhibitory substances, such as coffee, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and even meat. 

A few days back, I enrolled for a tarot challenge, which promised to make me a better Tarot reader within only five days. While those expectations may have failed to be met, the challenge has taught me something valuable, which is that the world needs me to share my knowledge, talents and gifts, my unique touch. People out there may be seeking for answers, solutions and help, and they should know that I could be one of those options.

By telling me that the world needed better Tarot readers, Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot brought upon the epiphany that, in fact, the world needs better humans, humans who are compassionate and loving, humans who show up for their fellow humans, humans who strive to serve and to support humanity in its awakening.

To my surprise, a fellow Tarot reader from the community has reached out to me. She took the time to read one of my articles, which happened to strongly resonate with her, and motivated her to write me the most humbling and heart-warming message, which said, “I bet you have light shining out of your fingertips”. They may not be shining light, but I remembered that my fingertips have the power to Speak Life, because they communicate the light within me. Which was enough to get me writing this. 

A Sufi proverb says that there are as many paths to God as there are souls on Earth. Nevertheless, the roles our souls take upon incarnation on Earth are divided into seven categories, according to the mission they fulfil. Therefore, each of us, throughout our existence, must take one of seven functions: server, artisan, warrior, scholar, sage, priest or king.

Some of us may be caring and nurturing, some of us may be creative and playful, others of us are loyal and protective, while others may be curious and objective, then you have those who are charming and entertaining, those who are inspirational and visionary, or finally those who are powerful and authoritative.

Whatever the gifts we may have come with, the duty and mission is singular. To love and support one another, to consecrate our talents for the sake of humankind, contributing, in our own, unique manner, to the elevation of the human race from mental slavery, from submission to ego; to the redemption of our fellow humans from fear, over-consumption and spiritual suicide.

A tiny virus has shattered all that was false, all illusions of immortality, of almightiness, any idea that people have any power to control and regulate life on Earth and made them face the imminence of their death, reminded them how vulnerable they are and how insignificant their journey on Earth. Nature has regained its might, Mama Earth has had the chance to breathe and renew, while people have retreated into their urban caves, running for their lives and dreading the biological apocalypse.

However, amidst the chaos, the voices of do-gooders and well-wishers of the Planet have become stronger, calling for patience, for resilience, for solidarity and compassion. In the dawn of a new era of consciousness, with major cosmic shifts happening right before our eyes, it is time to put differences aside and unite in the common mission of helping, supporting, and sustaining one another towards personal and collective growth and happiness.

Fellow friends, this is a call to action. It is the beginning of a reLOVEution. Spiritualists, believers, monks, light workers, mystics, witches, psychics, astrologers, clairvoyants, mediums, artists, hippies, and healers: Unite, share your gifts with the world, say nothing but the truth and spread your love and your light for the benefit and every sentient being. As we awaken to our higher potential, let us work together for the sake of the higher good and for the service of the highest purpose: Love.



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