The night when skies open

Midsummer is a magical time, a time of creation, a time of manifestation, a time when the boundaries between reality and desire vanish into the warm summer breeze. Over the past few days, “intuition” was the keyword, governing every realm of 3D existence, bridging between imagination and materialization of thoughts. The Summer solstice didn’t hold back from teaching me how infinitely powerful our minds can be, when we allow them to catch up with our hearts.
2 nights ago I woke up from a dream which focused on the power of co-creating with the Universe. As if depicted in stained glass, the storyline of this dream was falling together like pieces of a divine puzzle, in which there is no limit to how far one can go, in which everything you can imagine is real. My dream followed the story of two soul-mates, a man and a woman, who were actively manifesting and attracting each-other into one-another’s life. So powerful was their bound, that once they awakened to their desire, they were able to warp time, shift shape, teleport and transform reality with the omnipotent power of love, so as to come together into union.
Just a few hours later, I have come to realise that there is no such thing as a coincidence, and everything happens for a reason. The Universe has a funny way of turning people’s plans upside down, in a matter of minutes, so as to allow for the strongest storyline to manifest itself, to come to fruition. It patiently gives us clues of that which is expected to occur, and all we have to do is tune in to this same vibration. All forms of resistance are futile, and the stronger we try to cling onto an idea, the harder the Universe will work to bring us exactly where we have to be. Even when that place is a stone’s throw away from home.
Just like the pieces of the divine puzzle in my dream, the Universe showed me that you can take the mundane and familiar and change it into anything you want, by simply expressing an intention. The park next to my house became a fantastic realm of fireworks, marijuana and anti-fascist hip-hop, catering to the desires of the beautiful soul whom, for a couple of hours, I accompanied in this journey of “living life”. Turns out that, interestingly enough, life is exactly what we make of it.
As we get caught up in responsibilities, in fears, in doubts, in routines, in hesitation, in procrastination, we fail to understand that our intuition is our guiding star, that our path takes us to a destination which is aligned with our souls and all we have to do is be true to our heart’s calling, having the infinite faith that we deserve and we will receive everything that we want, when what we want is soul-nurturing, eye-opening and heart-lifting. Having hopes and desires of love, peace, harmony and abundance is not a selfish act. It is the very purpose of our existence, which we put on hold, because we mistrust that the Divine grace will grant us our wishes.

In Romanian mythology, tonight (June 24th) is a night of celebration, a night of mystical experiences, a night of magic, when heavens open, making all desires of love come true. Midsummer fairies dressed in bohemian white dresses, flowers in their hair, dance around bonfires in the fields, casting love spells, uttering those hidden desires and sending them out into the Universe, so as to bring the man of their dreams into their lives.
Faithful to the messages that the Universe kept sending me over the past few days, I am taking this moment to become a Midsummer fairy of love, wishing for myself, and for the beautiful people in my life: may tonight’s Moon cleanse away our fears, our sorrows, our pains and soothe our hearts, so we may allow ourselves to feel. May tonight’s North Star heal us and guide us towards the accomplishment of our mission. May tonight’s Air carry away the clogged, heavy energy of our day-to-day struggles and bring us peace of mind, confidence and inspiration to carry on. May tonight’s magical Fire light up the passions of our hearts, so we may allow the flame of love and the vision of a bright future guide our steps. May tonight’s fertile Earth ground us and bring us stability, strength and determination to pursue our dreams. May tonight’s holy Water nurture us with endless streams of fresh, clear, pure love, so that our hearts may know the calm and comfort of Divine, unconditional abundance.
May the Sun at dawn remind us that every day is a new chance to make a choice that will turn our life around, for the better. And may the Universe grant us the wisdom to see and accept and embrace all of its countless blessings. Amen.
Take a moment, beautiful soul, to connect to the desires of your own heart, take a moment, fellow friend, to understand who you are and where you’re headed, take a moment to take flight and to allow yourself to rest and to heal, take a moment to allow the Universe to surprise you with fulfilled desires. And may you desire for love.


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