The life you think you deserve

Sometimes, people need messages and Divine guidance, in order to know which way to turn, which choice to make. I recently confessed that I turn to “Sex and the City” for such clarity, because I love the series, because it tackles pretty much every shade of the spectrum of experiences that a woman my age can have, because it takes roughly 30 minutes before I receive my revelations, and it is slightly more entertaining than meditation. Soulful Revolution and Sadhguru, whom I referred to lately, are right there, next to Carrie Bradshaw.
They have taught me that the way to get what we want, is to co-create with the Universe. That Karma means action, and the action we must take is that of making mindful choices about the way we experience life. That implies manifesting, sending out a robust, well-defined request about our heart’s desires, so they may come into our path. It’s like ordering pizza, and knowing the delivery guy will bring it right at your door. Oftentimes, that doesn’t happen as a conscious process, but rather as a result of being fed up with the feeling of hunger, of lacking that which we know we need and deserve.
A few months back, before becoming fully aware of the concept of manifesting and co-creating, I was pouring my heart out to my friend, on WhatsApp, stating loud and clear what I wanted from a relationship with a life partner. This is what I wrote at the time:
“I want a Man who will kiss me. Passionately. Chastely. Who will hold my hand and not be afraid to display affection in public. Who will pull me in his arms and squeeze me so hard, as if to incorporate me in his body. A Man who will want me, and find me beautiful, and shower me with proofs of love. A Man who will call me just to hear my voice. A Man who will make me smile, because he likes seeing me smile. A Man who will put his face between my hands, because he wants to be caressed and touched.
A Man who will kiss my hands, and cheeks, and forehead, and tummy tucks, and neck, and who will massage my shoulders gently. A Man who will make me laugh hysterically, and run with me, and chase me, and play hide and seek with me, without hesitation or shame. A Man who’s not afraid to share the richness of his spirit. A Man who will like my family and friends, and respect them. A Man who, even when he is worried or upset or angry, is not mean and doesn’t punish me for his problems.
A Man who will want my children so much, that he will convince me it’s the right thing to do, no matter the circumstances… a Man who will assure me, and will be assured by me, and won’t second-guess my love for him. A Man who will know that people can make mistakes and be afraid at times, but Love conquers all. A Man who will caress my hair, and pride himself with me to the people he knows.
A Man who will understand me, and will encourage me to speak to him about what’s on my mind. A Man who is ready for the responsibility of building a relationship with me. A Man who will be willing to fall back in love with me, on, and on, and on, and who will tell me that he loves me, without thinking that would diminish his masculinity.”
That is what one might define as the Divine Masculine. An energy of intention brought to action, an energy that gives – taking pleasure, fulfilling its mission in allowing the Divine Feminine to receive, so that she may expand, grow, create, birth – whether it is the birth of ideas, projects, art, children, love, or life. The energy of a Man who is grounded and confident in his own capacities, in his own path, and knows that loving a woman doesn’t deter him from becoming his true self, but rather supports him in the journey.

A couple of days ago, my beloved Mary Jo of Soulful Revolution mentioned being a great husband to herself, meaning becoming, actively acting towards oneself with the love, care and consideration that one could expect from their significant other. It suddenly dawned on me that there is still plenty of self-loving that I must do, before I receive my delivery of the man I asked for.
How can I expect him to kiss my cheeks and tummy tucks, when I pinch them in the mirror, wishing they were smaller? How can I demand that he shows public displays of affection and prides himself with me, when I walk with my head down, not shining the light of self-confidence around me? How can I imagine that he would love me, before I love myself enough to deeply understand, and to remind myself every day that I am worthy of love?
What’s more, they deepened my conviction that I have the power to create my path and my experiences, to navigate them, allowing and welcoming that which brings me closer to my mission, and making sure that nothing goes unnoticed or unprocessed, while at the same time, making sure that nothing which is detrimental to my growth lingers for too long.
I have started praying more, talking to the Universe, claiming my right to Love, claiming my right to dignity and equality in human interactions, claiming my right to information, knowledge and awareness about the life I live. I also started asking the Universe to only facilitate those emotions, situations and encounters which I must come across in my path, in order to heal past wrongs and to create new perspectives.
And I am sharing this with you, because I asked the Universe to allow me to be, to my best ability, of service to those around me. It is my hope that you, fellow friend, can find in my words the lesson, the encouragement, the support, the strength and the love that you need to move forward and to continue tapping into that infinite source of Abundance, which is only a wish away from coming true.


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