Partner in creation

Co-creating. The secret to a harmonious relationship with Divinity and with a Divine Partner is equality. Equal involvement, equal participation, equal intention and equal accountability in the act of creation, preservation and growth. Divine Grace isn’t static, it is a perpetual flow of Abundance and Love to which we contribute with our faith, our hope and our gratitude.

The action of manifesting, of bringing our desires from the 5D to the concrete and tangible, in other words, the materialisation of our intent is a living process.

Imagine you’re making bread. You need a recipe, you need the ingredients, you need the creative act of mixing them together in the correct proportions, “kneading” it with determination, followed by the patient waiting for the dough to proof and the knowing and anticipation that the act of baking it at the right temperature and for the right duration will give birth to something beautifully soothing, filling and nourishing.

It takes clarity and precision, it takes the necessary tools and the knowledge of what your intended outcome is and how to achieve it, and it takes the “Divine catalyst”, the yeast, which brings it that autonomous, living character. To ignite the creative process, you must bring your own contribution to homogenise and harmonise your thoughts and efforts into the making of a prototype, which the Universe can then mold into the right shape and consistency, at the right time and under the right circumstances.

Co-creating with the Universe is at once an act of trusting and knowing, of faith and certitude. It requires at once control and surrender, impulse and response, acting and waiting, discipline and hasard. Co-creating with the Universe is a cosmic dance, in which you consent to being led through the music of your soul, listening to your partner, being at once surprised by the next move, and yet deeply harmonised with it, flowing naturally, smoothly, with a smile of joy and confidence, enjoying the process as much as its conclusion.

My fellow friend, my travel companion, my beloved, my better half, on the first day of the year, I bless you with the understanding of your divinity, of your limitless capacity to create and to attract love, abundance, health and success. I pray onto you, so that you may awaken to the clarity of your intent, so that you may recognise your potential, so that you may cherish your gifts, so that you may use them wisely and responsibly, to generate peace, harmony, communion, compassion and growth within and around you.

I wish you soft breeze and smooth sailing, as you navigate the infinite possibilities of togetherness, where you learn to be one with the One, with the world around you, and with the Divine partner of your choice. In the year ahead, be a Divine engineer, and construct the project of the life you’re most yourself living. Blessings and love be upon you!



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