August 8. Lionsgate. A powerful portal, a free and open communication hub with the Universe, where we can place the orders of future successes and achievements. While I may have been a stranger to this concept until recently, I know enough to comprehend that such an opportunity is not to be missed.
The past few months have been particularly remarkable, in that they have taught me how to live by the principles of the Law of Attraction. While “The Secret” is no longer a secret, the technicalities of limitless abundance are still unknown to many. The first step in moving away from a scarcity mindset and into a flow of spiritual and material wealth is the readiness to ask for and then open up to the gifts that the Universe is rushing to bring you.
“We accept the love we think we deserve”, they say. We also only accept those gifts, compliments, favours, experiences and rewards we think we deserve. The lower our sense of self-worth, the more confused our inner compass, the more likely to settle for less than our merit. Undergoing emotional storms and deceptions, we start doubting our value, and drift away from our purpose and mission, failing to be grateful for the experiences and lessons.
Past December, I had asked the Universe for a tall, handsome man, who would hold my hand, kiss my forehead and be playful and easy-going. I met him. Precisely on my birthday. He was ticking boxes and getting me head over heels. I had asked. Yet I was not ready to receive my gift. I was broken, I was healing, I was not ready to open up to the possibilities that the Universe had brought. I was afraid to be vulnerable.
Being vulnerable means being open. Putting your heart on the line. Jumping head first into the unknown. Having your soul filled with the hope and anticipation of what might occur. I was not prepared to give up control and give away my heart so quickly, since I was still stitching it together after the emotional tsunami it had previously undergone.
Yet I had not realised that within vulnerability lies great courage, within hardship great resilience, within doubt great hope, within hesitation great potential. Now, I do. Now, I am ready. Ready to welcome and receive that which I want. Ready for the Ultimate Truth. Ready for the Ultimate Goal. Ready for the Ultimate Gift. Ready for the Ultimate Love.

I have come to see that, when you silence your mind just for a moment, you can listen to the Universe calling out to you. Answering to your calls. You can notice the synchronicities, the Angels communicating, confirming you are on the right path. Checking the time at precisely 11:11, 12:12, 13:13 or 14:14; having people open up to you in unexpected ways; being given the opportunity to explore new places; learning about books, movies or messages that reveal themselves to you in the most surprising manners or places.
Therefore, today, on Lionsgate, I partner up with the Universe, in creating my abundance. I can confidently state that I am ready. Ready to live the life I imagine. Ready to embrace the infinite possibilities I have to grow, to explore, to learn, to feel, to create, to love, to forgive, to receive.
I am ready to allow for the flow of things to naturally occur, being aware that I am exactly where I have to be. Knowing I am in tune with my true vibe, that I am harmonised with my purpose and heading in the right direction is a blessing for which I cannot be grateful enough.
I figured, the best way to show my appreciation for the things I receive, is to put them to good use. Now is a time for mindful action. A time for designing my own reality. A time for speaking truthfully and straightforwardly about my wants and needs. A time to admit my mistakes, to make amends and to learn from the past. A time to express gratitude and to thank the people and the experiences who have made me into the strong and beautiful woman I am today.
A time to live and cherish life’s little moments. A time to smell flowers, read books, watch movies, dance, take long walks, visit museums, drink cocktails, take photos, travel, laugh and make love. A time to be good at what I do, be competitive and focused, be determined to achieve greatness in my career. A time to find refuge and love in the arms of beautiful, kind, smart, spiritual, loving man. A time to pray, a time to meditate, a time to reflect, a time to create. A time to love.


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