Greeting the Inner Goddess

Namaste. A phrase which I fully understood only a couple of days ago, on Easter Day, after a discussion with my mum. Apparently, she and I have been talking about God ever since I was 3 of age, and together, we have made some important breakthroughs in the understanding of the Divine. Most of which have happened over the past few months, unsurprisingly, because that is when we became all the more aware of our inner sacredness, and we started recognising the Divine in one another, on a deeply intimate level.
A while ago, I found myself in the situation of having to explain Jesus’ divine and human nature to a remarkable young lady, process which, of course, meant that I had to understand and clarify my own thoughts on the topic. And I came to the conclusion that Jesus can be, at once, 100% human and 100% godly, with no contradiction between those two natures. There seems to be agreement among religious and spiritual people, concerning the fact that there is a seed of divinity in every human being. Therefore, while we are 100% human, we also have the potential of manifesting our divine nature. Whereas mere mortals may only manifest 0.1% of the divine in them, a spiritual leader of the level of Jesus must have manifested his godliness entirely, the full 100% of it.
Having this realisation, awakened the divine seed inside me. Since I believe that God is the name given to Infinite Love, the Goddess in me is very aware of the situations in which she is challenged on a level having to do with the free, unhindered manifestation of Love, in and around her. And there has been quite a lot of that in the past while, which only made my inner Goddess stronger.
Last week I struggled with something as trivial as a couple of jokes directed at my genitalia. While I happen to be very open about sexuality, and I rarely take offense when I am the subject of humour and entertainment, I found it very difficult to accept that a part of me which is so intimate, private, and delicate could feel so exposed, so vulnerable and so ultimately hurt by a bunch of meaningless words. Having to come to terms with the pain and disappointment that the respective remarks were made by someone I had put all my faith and confidence in, it got me thinking of my past experiences and concluding that oftentimes, sex is used as a weapon of the profane against the godliness of our bodies and spirits.

Which is why I started a debate with my mum on the topic of sexuality, and the fact that many people wrongly use sex to assert power, instead of that which it’s meant for: offering pleasure, enjoying a shared experience, cherishing and conveying affection to another fellow human, celebrating and adoring their divine nature. Getting someone to sleep with you is perceived as an achievement of sorts, as something to take pride in, which, in the minds of many, grants them power of domination over their partner. Therefore, a game of seduction that has the sole purpose of culminating with sex is entirely disregarding the sacredness of that act, the higher level connectivity which it creates between two people.
The power claim and the struggle it brings about are simply manifestations of fear, of powerlessness, of one’s own vulnerability, which they are trying to project on somebody else, in order to feel in control. It is why the bullied become the bullies, as a response mechanism to their own frights and traumas, believing that by inflicting the same treatment on someone else, they might regain their sense of self-value and establish their own status.
My inner goddess has always had an immense capacity to be loving and nurturing to everyone that has solicited that, to anyone that displayed honest vulnerability, to anyone that had put down their walls and allowed me to get to know their true self, humble, kind, beautiful and ready to love and be loved. Nevertheless, I have now come to the understanding that when people are hurt, they forget about their divine nature and dive into fear, and in those instances, they lose contact with their inner God. And while my inner Goddess may still be able to see and cherish someone else’s divinity, the fact that they don’t see and perceive their own godliness prevents them from seeing the divine in me, because we can only relate to things which we are familiar with from our own experience, we can only mirror what already exists within us.
And my Goddess, in her infinite love and infinite patience, knows better than to expect validation from anyone else. She knows her divine nature, and she is ready to manifest it in every instance. She will stand her ground, she will always remember that she is light and love, she will only allow in her Temple those who will treat her with utmost respect, gratitude, reverence, being ready to adore her, to appreciate her, to be humble and loving, for they know that I, in my turn, will recognise and bow to the Divine in them, creating harmony, perpetuating love, generating beauty and increasing the sacredness within us both. I am thus ready for a monotheistic relationship, in which me and my partner will only adore the Divine in one another. And live and love under the principle of this simple word: Namaste.


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